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Authors Details
  Munivar Pt. Gurudatt Vidyarthi      
  Parent's Name   Shri Ram Krishna  
  Date of Birth   26-4-1864  
  Date of Death   author  
  Location   Multan(Pakistan)  
  Works   The Works Of Late Pandit Guru Datta, He started Vedic Magzine (1889), The Terminology Of Vedas and the European scholars, Conscience and the Vedas, Religious Sermons, Origin of Thought and Language, Man\\\'s Progress downwards, and much more....  



He had completed his M.A in Science from lahore. on 20th june 1880 he joined Lahore Arya Samaj and went to Ajmer for serving swami Dayanand on the order of lahore Arya samaj along with Lala Jivandas.He was Physically present at the death time Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He has worked hard for the establishment of D.A.V Collage. But he wish that in D.A.V collage sanskrit must be preferred seriously and for this he had to fight hard with his colleges. And at tender age of 29 yrs he died on 19th march 1890. His complete Writing was in English.


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